Friday, July 23, 2010

FamilySearch Indexing Webinar Report

Hello Everyone!

In case you wonder where I have disappeared to again, allow me to explain before giving you my report.
My mother-in-law had not been able to get around for some time and decided to have her hips replaced. She was doing fine after 4 weeks of rehab but she caught pneumonia and ended up in ICU until they decided there was no way to save her. She was returned to the nursing home/rehab center where my husband and I took turns watching over her 24h/day until she passed away on June 26. It really blind-sided us because she was in fairly good health other than the fact that she needed someone to help her every day.
The last month of her life was horrible and her death came as a real relief for both of us and her too I'm sure.
Let's face it, she took priority over a lot of other things and I hope you will accept my apologies for not being more active with you here.

I had seen the invitation to attend the webinar on the new install of the FamilySearch Indexing but didn't think it was any big deal and would not have attended it if it weren't for Ruthann asking me if I was.
So I did yesterday. And I am glad I did.
Did anyone else attend this webinar in our stake?

There has been a lot of issues whenever the site gets updated or when Java updates its program so they have created a new program that will prevent java problems from occurring. They asked that 2 indexers in each participating stake try this new program.
Really, you can all try it, as they are looking for help in testing it thoroughly before its public release.
They have no version ready for Mac computers but are working on one and that too will determine the release date. They will inform everyone when they are ready to test the mac version. Sign into your FamilySearch indexing account and check the announcements there so you may know when.

The new program is HUGE and so they suggest those using dial-up ask for someone using the same version of Windows as they are to save the file on a disk so they can use the disc to install on their pc.
BE AWARE that the program detects the version of Windows your computer uses so for ex. if you are using Vista and the person you are helping is using XP, you will not be able to give them a copy of the program.
In other words:
if the indexer using dial-up uses Windows XP, find a computer that also uses Windows XP and download and burn a copy off that computer.
if the indexer uses Windows Vista, find a pc that has that version of Windows to download and burn the program before giving it to him/her.

OR the indexers using dial-up can start the download before they go to bed and it should be done by morning.

Go to
scroll down to FamilySearch indexing - New Install
and download the new program from there.

This version has an already integrated version of Java that will not interfere with the one your pc uses. It will not need to be updated separately either.
If you have any questions call 866-406-1830 or email
International contacts should use the site at http://contact.

ONE WORD OF ADVICE That is always good:
BEFORE you download this program, make sure you have submitted all the batches you are presently working on so as to insure you won't lose any work.

ANOTHER IMPORTANT piece of information:
The merging of user names is about to be stopped so if you have not yet done so, please do it as soon as possible.

Make sure you use all of the program's functions and let Salt Lake know if there is something you think they could improve on, or even if you don't think any of their stuff is helpful. They aim to make this program as friendly as possible.

We appreciate your dedication and your help in this part of the Lord's vineyard!
Thank You for everything you do to help. Nothing is too small!

Let me hear from you!