Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Register to Consultant Site!

As a quick follow-up on Monday's conference-class.
The main focus really was the efforts that are underway to provide training for the consultants and priesthood leaders.
Of course it's only going to work if we actually follow their directions.
I know many other people have been saying this for quite some time already so it may sound redundant but we need to make sure that not only all the consultants register and get their online training but that all our leaders do the same.
That's harder because they don't hear past "new program that's replacing TempleReady" and don't necessarily see how it can affect anything more than 'Temple Work".
Truth is it is SO MUCH MORE!!!
And the consultant IS the key.
But we must register to the given site (see below) with the proper information and we must make time to take the training and then put our heads together and draw out a plan to make this fit in our wards and branches.
It is an incredible program that can re-energize us into doing the right things.
In the elearning, not only do consultants get to learn better ways to understand their calling and the reporting order but they can also learn new research methods through college classes... and all for free.
Yes, I am glad to be alive today.

go to
Click on Serving in the Church
and choose Family History
then your choice of Prietshood leader or Consultant
It really won't matter as you will end up in the same place in the end but...
Then click on the Registration link until you come to the Registration page
You will need your ward/branch Unit # along with your membership ID # and your personal information.
If you are in a district that is preparing to deploy the new FamilySearch you will have to wait 72 hours before registering to the new FamilySearch site. Your Training Material will be redirected to the new FamilySearch.
After you have registered to the new FamilySearch, sign in and then click on the
Help Center at the bottom of the Home page
Another page will pop up.
Click on the "Training and Resources" tab in the upper right corner and then on the left you will "Elearning" and a lot of other links underneath
I recommend the wonderful videos that are found there too.
They will come on a DVD to your stakes but this way you have advance access and really you can already share it by showing it to others through your login.
DO ALL the classes, as ALL the classes pertaining to your calling are listed there.
None others will remain.
For example community volunteers who have been given access to new FamilySearch do not need access to the Priesthood training classes and they therefore do not find them among theirs to take.
MOST OF ALL... Have fun!!!

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